• B.U.I.L.T. for Christ and Men of Iron

    These groups are meant to encourage men and women to build each other up to be more like Christ. Through one-on-one mentorship, men and women are challenged to make disciples and grow toward biblical standards of womanhood and manhood. These groups can start anytime throughout the year.

    B.U.I.L.T. for Christ - contact Jana Snyder at 570-452-6323

    Men of Iron - contact John Alderfer at 570-240-1698

  • Journey Groups

    The purpose of these groups is to challenge and encourage men and women to grow as faithful and fruitful followers of Christ, while building relationships in a small group setting through transparency and accountability. Gender-specific groups of five to eight men or women commit to meet together regularly for about eight months, spending time in God's Word with each other to glorify Him.

    Women's Journey Group Leaders:                                      Men's Journey Group Leaders:

    Penny Ehrenzeller                717-994-0064                      Chandler Sheaffer      570-765-5004

    Nicole Benner                      570-541-8448                      Dexter Ehrenzeller     717-513-5692

    Kim Pellman                          717-543-3966                     Dustin Klinger            570-847-8373

    Ashley Maneval                    717-460-5598                     Jason Sheaffer            570-765-5239

    Dawn Goodling                     717-348-5009                    Steve Ehrenzeller        717-994-0549

    Debbie Eckstine-Weidner     717-385-9260                    Matt Ferster                907-209-2707

    Malia Thompson                   717-513-6349                     John Alderfer              570-274-1698

    Lori Alderfer                          717-463-2889                    Nathan Brubaker         717-589-8935

    Felecia Klinger                      570-847-8818

    LaDawn Sheaffer                  570-765-5005

    Mary Jo Barner                     717-364-7272

  • Life Groups - Connecting people to one another and to Christ

    Life Groups exist to be a place for people of RLMC to connect and start forming new relationships. Without relationships, church becomes an event and not a family. We see Life Groups as a step in the path of discipleship in becoming more like Christ, and the church body becoming more like a family.  Life Groups can be joined anytime throughout the year.

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